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I'm Elias Rosenthal. is run by teens for teens. We try to inform ourselves and other teens and adults about health and fitness. Through social media, fun educational contests and trips, we promote health in our homes, schools, clubs and summer camps.

I was inspired to start after seeing Dr. Robert Lustig’s 60 Minutes interview, “Sugar: The Bitter Truth." I realized I was drowning in a sea of sugar and processed foods. 


I learned some terrifying truths. Sugar is more addictive than cocaine.

My friend has type 2 diabetes, but at dinner, his mom served us mac-and-cheese, ice cream and soda.  His family is hooked on junk food.


Until recently, few teens were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  Today, teens make up one third of all new diabetes cases. About 26 million Americans have diabetes.

The American diet - now a global diet - is a disaster. With our twin organization – we’re discovering how giant processed foods companies are fueling international epidemics of obesity and diabetes. We’re learning to recognize deceptive food labels, misleading menus, and manipulative marketing messages.

At school, my friends eat white bread and American cheese sandwiches, candy and other addictive and nutritionally empty foods.  Most of us have uncontrollable cravings for cookies and sugary sodas.


The average teen consumes an amazing 34 teaspoons a day - more than five times the recommended allowance of sugar! One quarter of American kids are obese.

If you’d like to educate yourself or start a Teens4Health club, join us on Facebook or Twitter.

Teens4Health runs fun, educational contests open to teens.  See our Contest page.

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